Icebucket challenge for ALS patients is supportive, Cannabis decriminalization could bring immediate help for sick

rita-ora-ice-bucket-challenge-2014-billboard-650x430Parlamentary Citizen’s Initiative to Legalise Cannabis Has Gained already 18,000 Signatures

Vienna, August 26, 2014 – Faced with strongly cooler temperatures, the icebucket challenge in support for ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease sufferers is coming to an unlikely early end.

There is still a valuable way to support ALS sufferers by signing Austria’s parlimentary citizen’s initiative demanding the exclusion of Cannabis from Austria’s drug laws as Cannabis has turned out to bring relief and longer life expectancy in case of the still fatal disease.

„These patients can now be actively supported by signing this initiative, which has already become the 5th most important political issue in Austria,“ said Hemp Institute Chairman Toni Straka on Tuesday.

A growing number of studies, especially this one from the US National Health Institute points out the beneficial effects for ALS treatment.

„Preclinical data indicate that cannabis has powerful antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective effects.“

This is confirmed by patient’s reports like Cathy Jordan from the USA whose use of cannabis as medicine enabled her to battle the debilitating diesease for more than 27 years.

ALS Patients Cathy Jordan

Positive effects of Cannabis were also confirmed by US medical professor Robert Melamede in this video interview. He also recommends the ingestion of hemp seed oil due to its high content of fatty acids.

US-Professor Robert Melamede, University of Colorado

Potentially 200.000 Austrian Cannabis-Patients

Latest figures from Colorado report 121,000 medical cannabis card holders or 2.32 percent of the population. On this basis the Hemp Institue estimates that 200,000 Austrians may be eligible for a permission to use their favourite medicine with our fear of prosecution.

After less than 3 weeks, 18,000 cannabis supporters have signed the petition. This is makes it the 5th best supported parliamentary initiative in history.

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