Austrian Parliamentary Citizens Initiative for Cannabis Legalization Becomes 3rd Most Successful in History

Vienna, September, 14, 2014 – An Austrian parliamentary citizens initiative for cannabis legalization has become the third most successful civil activism in Austria’s democratic history.

„Reaching more that 22.392 signatures on the website of Austria’s parliament by Sunday noon makes it the third most important political issue in which Austrians take an active interest“, said Toni Straka, chairman of the Hemp Institute.

Initiator Bernhard Amann, chairman of Legalize!Österreich, said, „this huge success motivates us to organize a parliamentary hearing in order to reduce information deficits as most Austrian politicians still reject any legalization moves.“

Legalization could contribute 250 million Euros to Austria’s budget

Straka noted that a very important point of the citizens initiative has not found an echo in the otherwise broad media discussion of the legalization issue.

„According to conservative estimates cannabis legalization could contribute 250 million Euros towards the constrained Austrian federal budget.

100 million Euros could be saved on the side of drug enforcement. Another 150 million Euros could be earned with the proposed cannabis tax,“ Straka said.

The citizens initiative demands legal possession of up to 10 grams cannabis, the permission to grow up to 500 grams annually per grower and a regulation of cannabis distribution.

Hanf-Institut (HI)

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