Hemp Institute records first cancer healing with cannabis oil

Vienna, July 20, 2017 – A 47 year old man from Wagrain in Austria has successfully beaten his prostate cancer stage 4 with cannabis oil, the Austrian Hanf-Institut (Hemp Institute) announced on Thursday. According to his latest lab tests and doctor’s letters, he has now been cancer free for more than 3 months after treating himself with massive doses of cannabis oil for 18 months while dropping all other chemical pharmaceuticals and going off chemo therapy, which he says did more bad than good. Martin Winkler is the first documented case in Austria where cannabis oil made his ‚inoperable‘ tumor vanish completely.

But his health may come at a heavy price. Treating yourself with cannabis products in Austria is still punishable by law and can carry multi-year prison sentences.

Winkler had a life expectancy of another six months after six months of initial chemo therapy. Now, roughly 18 months later, he is cancer free, according to his urologist Ulfrit Scrinzi.

After initial treatment with Austria’s only legal cannabis medication, a very expensive synthetic THC extract named ‚Dronabinol‘, „that helped my appetite but did nothing against my cancer“, said Winkler, he began to use an alcohol extraction based cannabis concentrate in massive doses. He administered himself the so called Rick Simpson Oil in massive doses of up to five grams per day.

The cancer patient was initially confronted with doubts by his doctors. „My general practician was first against cannabis treatment but would now recommend it to other cancer patients“, said Winkler.

Parliamentary Medical Cannabis Citizen’s Initiative

Austria’s Hanf-Institut has renewed its demand for an immediate decriminalisation of cannabis patients in Austria which still face imprisonment for curing themselves with the world’s oldest healing plant.

„Getting healthy must not be threatened with prison sentences. This patient has answered the question whether to die legally or survive outside the law for himself“, said Hanf-Institut chairman Toni Straka.

„One quarter of Austrian deaths are a result of cancer. A quick change in laws regarding medical cannabis patients could certainly save lives“, said Straka.

The Hanf-Institut and Arge Canna, a medical cannabis patients association, have initiated a Parliamentary medical cannabis citizen’s initiative that can be signed online on the website of the Austrian parliament at least until the end of year. Including offline signatures the initiative has collected more than 13,000 signatures as of today.

Public approval for legal medical cannabis regularly reaches more than 95 percent in online polls. The general legalization of cannabis has been favored by 50 to 85 percent of Austrians in representative polls.

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