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Austrian Activists start Parliamentary Initiative to Legalize Cannabis

Vienna, August 6, 2014 – Austrian cannabis activists have started a parliamentary initiative to legalize cannabis in Austria on Wednesday. Initiated by „Legalize! Oesterreich“ and supported by the Hemp Institute, Austrian voters can now sign an online initiative on the website of the Austrian parliament which is obliged to discuss the matter. more…

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Icebucket challenge for ALS patients is supportive, Cannabis decriminalization could bring immediate help for sick

rita-ora-ice-bucket-challenge-2014-billboard-650x430Parlamentary Citizen’s Initiative to Legalise Cannabis Has Gained already 18,000 Signatures

Vienna, August 26, 2014 – Faced with strongly cooler temperatures, the icebucket challenge in support for ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease sufferers is coming to an unlikely early end.

There is still a valuable way to support ALS sufferers by signing Austria’s parlimentary citizen’s initiative demanding the exclusion of Cannabis from Austria’s drug laws as Cannabis has turned out to bring relief and longer life expectancy in case of the still fatal disease.

„These patients can now be actively supported by signing this initiative, which has already become the 5th most important political issue in Austria,“ said Hemp Institute Chairman Toni Straka on Tuesday. more…

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Austria’s Green Party Youth Joins the Legalize Cannabis Bandwagon

Vienna, August 30th, 2014 – Austria’s Green party youth has joined the growing efforts to legalize cannabis in Austria on Saturday. In the coming three weeks the young politicians will travel all over Austria with a symbolic human-JungeGrüneJointParlamentsized joint to push the issue of a „reasonable drug policy reform“, chairwoman Diane Witzani told the Austrian Hemp Institute (Hanf-Institut).

„It is time to convince parents, grandparents and everybody else that legalization is the way to go,“ she said further.

„Either illegalize alcohol or legalize cannabis, everything else is hypocrisy“

„Either illegalize alcohol or legalize cannabis, everything else is hypocrisy,“ added spokesman Cengiz Kulac. more…

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Austrian Parliamentary Citizens Initiative for Cannabis Legalization Becomes 3rd Most Successful in History

Vienna, September, 14, 2014 – An Austrian parliamentary citizens initiative for cannabis legalization has become the third most successful civil activism in Austria’s democratic history.

„Reaching more that 22.392 signatures on the website of Austria’s parliament by Sunday noon makes it the third most important political issue in which Austrians take an active interest“, said Toni Straka, chairman of the Hemp Institute.

Initiator Bernhard Amann, chairman of Legalize!Österreich, said, „this huge success motivates us to organize a parliamentary hearing in order to reduce information deficits as most Austrian politicians still reject any legalization moves.“ more…

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A huge leap forward in Austria: ‘Neos’ party votes for legalization of cannabis

Vienna, October 29, 2014 – Public discussion of cannabis legalization has leaped to a new high in Austria after the neoliberal newcomer in parliament, the Neos party, has voted to push the issue at its annual general meeting last weekend. more…

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